September 2020 Chiller of the Month

Inline imageI began coming to the Polar Lounge back in June of 2020. I was having back issues and someone recommended cryotherapy. I’m an athlete and I’m still very active so I am willing to try anything to help heal and recovery. I spent most of my life tearing my body down through rigorous workouts and exercise so now I’m all about recovery. The polar lounge became a big part of my week. I joined after the great customer service I experienced my first few visits and then I stayed because it just became who I am now. 

Working from home primarily since the pandemic this is not only my body therapy but my mind as well. The staff is so knowledgeable and I appreciate the personal care I get every visit. My favorite service is the sauna and as my picture states I just love to sweat. However, everything here is great and super beneficial to my healing. I’m grateful to have found this hidden gem. 

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