November 2019 Chiller of the Month

When I first learned of the Polar Lounge, I had been in severe pain from a herniated disc for a few weeks. I had been unable to walk for more than a few steps at a time before having to rest and with the way the nerve was pinched, was unable to sleep or lay down either. I was searching for anything to help relieve the pain, at least enough such that I could get some sleep. I had read about cryotherapy and how it helps with inflammation and figured I would give it a try.

On my first few visits, both Nicci and Chad took the time to understand my situation and really focused on providing the right treatment for my back. They first introduced me to localized cryotherapy when I still couldn’t stand and when I was healthy enough to stand, introduced me to cryotherapy. Cryotherapy has helped reduce the inflammation that was causing my pinched nerve and now allows me to sleep better and begin participating in light workouts again.

I love how convenient it is to setup appointments and how friendly everyone at the Polar Lounge is. Definitely recommend checking it out!

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