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General FAQS

POST COVID HOURS: CLOSED MONDAY,  Tuesday-Friday 10:00AM- 5:00 PM,

 Saturday 10:00AM-5:00 PM, Sunday 10:00AM- 3:00PM

If you arrive late we will do our best to accommodate you. A courtesy call would be very appreciated. It’s best to try to arrive early to get acquainted with our facility, especially if it is your first visit.

Parking is located in the gravel lot adjacent to the Cotton Docks. Once you have parked look for the Polar Bear Mural, door is under the Polar Lounge Logo.

(Shower CLOSED at the moment)  Each treatment room is completely private so there is no need for lockers. To get the full benefit of our treatments, it is best to let your body “do the work” to get itself back to its normal temperature on its own. If you choose to take a shower, we do have a fully equipped shower with everything you need to be comfortable.

Yes, we provide towels and water.

You must be 18 years old to participate in Infrared Sauna and full body Cryotherapy. If you are 12 or older, you may do a session if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled within 12 hours prior to the appointment time in order to receive a full refund. All sessions cancelled within the 12-hour window will be charged in full.  If you are running late, please call us- we will always do our best to accommodate you!

Yes, after you purchase the package you can either call us (404.228.4064) or stop in so we can link the specified accounts to your account for sharing. Each person linked to your account needs to have an account in our system in order to link them. All session packages can be shared with family or friends. However, memberships may not be shared unless you purchase a family membership.

Yes, Clients may put their membership on hold (freeze), for a period of no less than two weeks (14 days) and no more than one month (30 days) at a time. This may be done for a maximum total of two months (60 days) per calendar year. Notice of hold must be given to via written email notification prior to the first day of the requested hold and will not be issued retroactively. All payments drawn prior to the requested hold will not be refunded. Clients will not be billed for hold months, and billing will resume automatically upon end of the hold period. All clients will have memberships extended by the number of hold months. Holds longer than one month (30 days) may be issued for members of the military on temporary duty assignment with advanced notification.

No, unused sessions do not roll over. If you think you may not use all of them, we suggest trying a smaller membership package or purchase a series first to see how you may use your sessions.

All memberships require a minimum 3-month commitment and auto-renew monthly thereafter. Membership cancellation requires a 30 days’ notice from the monthly billing date. If you would like to cancel your membership, simply send us an email at Please note, you can also request to either “downsize” your membership if you don’t need as many sessions each month or put it on hold/freeze (please see information above).

Yes, we offer 15% off of any Individual Session with valid Student ID. We also offer a Heroes Discount for Military, Police, Firefighters (both active and retired). You will need to come in and show your ID in order to have the 15% off added to your purchase.

Yes, you can purchase a gift card for any amount, just stop by the Lounge and we will take care of your needs.

Yes! Call us at 404.228.4064 to discuss your team’s or group’s needs, or you can email us at for information.

We do not accept insurance at this time. 


Whole body cryotherapy was originally developed in Japan in 1978 and has been used in Europe and Japan for more than three decades. Multiple research studies have been published in medical journals about the effects of whole body cryotherapy, and in many European countries, the treatments are covered by medical insurance policies.

Single person and multi-person walk-in cryochambers have been used for almost 40 years. Problems only arise if a client steps into the machine with wet clothing, as water will freeze immediately at these temperatures. The nitrogen being used to cool these chambers is the same nitrogen that makes up the air we breathe (actually 78% of it). In the chamber, the client breathes room-air. For added safety, chambers are also equipped with an oxygen monitor. In order to protect the more temperature sensitive tissues such as hands and feet, clients wear dry socks, slippers, and gloves, which we provide. 

Before entering the Cryochamber, clients are required to dress in protective clothing composed of cotton socks, cotton underwear (for men), gloves and slippers. The treatment is of short duration (2-3 minutes), and the cold is ‘dry’, so it is very tolerable. Towards the end of the treatment, you may get a ‘pins and needles’ sensation, which disappears immediately after the treatment. While it may be remarkably cold, it is quite tolerable. The experience can be very similar to the concept of discomfort felt while exercising. It is not pleasant during, but the after effects are rewarding.

This depends on your active levels. Recreational athletes/active individuals may need as little as 1 session a week while elite athletes would see greater benefits from the therapy 2-4 times per week.

Ensure that your skin is completely dry (no recent lotion application), maintain adequate levels of hydration, and avoid caffeine prior to treatment.

This depends on what your plans are pertaining to physical activity. In general, if you are using cryotherapy before physical activity, we recommend that you use the PEMF Therapy following your treatment to further aid increasing blood flow in the muscles and exciting the nervous system. If you are using cryotherapy after physical activity, we recommend you utilize the infrared sauna following the treatment to further relax the body through temperature contrast.

Yes, you may. The door is never locked and you may step out at any moment. The session is continually monitored by a trained technician.

No, you don’t. This procedure is absolutely dry and does not make your skin wet.

The following conditions are contraindications to whole body cryotherapy: Pregnancy, severe Hypertension (BP> 180/100), acute or recent myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, arrhythmia, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, cardiac pacemaker, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, venous thrombosis, acute or recent cerebrovascular accident, uncontrolled seizures, Raynaud’s Syndrome, fever, tumor disease, symptomatic lung disorders, bleeding disorders, severe anemia, infection, cold allergy, acute kidney and urinary tract diseases, age less than 18 years (parental consent to treatment needed).

Whole body cryohtherapy is very well tolerated, though fluctuations in blood pressure during the procedure can change by 10 points (this effect reverses after the end of the procedure, as peripheral circulation returns to normal), allergic reaction to extreme cold (rare), claustrophobia, redness, and skin burns (only if exposed to low temperatures longer than recommended) have been reported.

Infrared FAQS

An infrared sauna is more invigorating and energizing than a traditional sauna. Instead of using steam it uses infrared light. This healing light is a light we can’t see with our eyes. Infrared light helps cells regenerate! Just
because you can’t see the light, doesn’t mean you can’t see the benefits!


If you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, or just seeking better health and wellness, an infrared sauna can help you achieve your greatest potential. It helps with muscle healing, body detoxification, as well as pain! If you are wondering how we can help you achieve better health, contact us today!

Yes. Unlike ultraviolet light, which can be harmful, infrared light helps cells regenerate. It will cause you to sweat, so hydration is important. We provide water to all of our customers to make sure you don’t overheat. Because of the extreme temperature, you shouldn’t take psychedelic drugs or drink alcohol before your sessions. If you are pregnant, you should not use the sauna, because extreme temperatures can be dangerous during early development of the fetus. If you have lupus or MS, and are taking steroids, check with your doctor before using infrared light treatment.

No. Infrared light doesn’t damage the skin the way ultraviolet light does. In fact, it is recommended you avoid wearing any lotions, as they can prevent you from feeling as invigorated and refreshed, because they interfere with your ability to sweat.

The infrared light will heat your body evenly, from within. You’ll have a refreshing sweat that removes impurities, but the air isn’t damp and heavy like a traditional steam sauna. We adjust our recommended temperature based on your personal health goals, but most people find between 120-130 degrees F to be optimal. If you begin to find it too hot, you can open the door to let some fresh air in and cool down.

Our team will work with you to determine the best length of time for your specific needs. We currently offer 30- and 45-minute sessions. We recommend most people start with a session of 30 minutes, but that time can be adjusted based on individual health goals.

Infrared Sauna increases the body’s metabolism because of its flight or fight response while in the sauna. While this greatly increases the number of calories you burn, we recommend that the use of the Infrared Sauna in conjunction with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.   

Yes! We offer four-person saunas that you may use by yourself or with someone else if you’d like, in a modern, calming, enclosed room. This way you can change clothes, sauna, and towel off in private.

We provide towels for all of our infrared sauna clients. We recommend you use the sauna with no clothing, to get the greatest benefit from the infrared light. Of course, you can wear whatever makes you most comfortable. Afterwards, many people towel off and put their clothes back on, but you can also bring a change of clothes and feel free to take a shower if you wish.

Yes. Our team cleans each sauna after every use to prepare a fresh space for our clients to enjoy a deep and relaxing health experience.

Yes, we strongly recommend booking in advance. You can book appointments online or by calling the Polar Lounge at 404-228-4064

NormaTec Compression Therapy FAQs

Pneumatic medicine is the use of non-invasive, painless, dynamic pneumatic compression to treat venous insufficiency, non-healing wounds and chronic dermal disruption-type ulceration, lymphedema, or other peripheral vascular disorders. The core component of pneumatic medicine is the NormaTec Pulse Technology inflation-deflation pattern, which is a major technological improvement that goes well beyond simple intermittent compression.

The NormaTec uses a dynamic compression pattern to disengorge tissue and improve circulation. Three critical concepts, borrowed from normal physiology, all contribute to the effectiveness:

  • Pulsing compression simulates the “muscle pump” of the limb
  • Gradient directionality of flow occurring in the venous and lymphatic one-way valves
  • Effective movement of fluids as seen in peristalsis

FDA indications for the NormaTec Via Series include the treatment of venous insufficiency, chronic wounds/chronic dermal disruption-type ulceration, acquired lymphedema (secondary to cancer and also following trauma, inflammation, surgery, and/ or radiation treatment), post-mastectomy lymphedema, congenital (or primary) lymphedema, as well as other edematous conditions. Additionally, it is indicated for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Most patients use the NormaTec Via compression therapy system daily. Treatment times can be set as long or as short as needed, but most conditions benefit from session times between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day.

The NormaTec Via Series is contraindicated for patients with: acute deep vein thrombosis; severe atherosclerosis or other ischemic vascular diseases; suspect or known acute deep vein thrombosis; severe congestive cardiac failure; existing pulmonary edema; existing pulmonary embolism; extreme deformity of the limbs; any local skin or tissue condition which the garments would interfere with such as gangrene, untreated or infected wounds, recent skin graft, and dermatitis; known presence of malignancy in the legs; limb infections, including cellulitis, that have not received antibiotic coverage; presence of lymphangiosarcoma.


PEMF uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to bathe low energy cells in pure, raw energy. Each cell in your body is actually like a capacitor, or battery, which holds a charge. Your entire body is electrical and your cells each need a measurable electrical charge to function optimally. In order to maintain good wellness, cells must be doing their jobs. PEMF Exercise supports the body’s natural abilities to optimize balanced body functions

Pulse Centers PEMF systems are safe for all ages, unless you have an implanted electronic device including a pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear hearing device, are pregnant, actively bleeding or have blood clots.

Yes, PEMF therapy is FDA approved for stimulating bone growth, reducing post-operative edema and pain, depression, and headaches.

By using PEMF daily you can optimize your health and wellness. Over time the cells in our bodies begin to lose their energy.  The reduction of your cells energy is the root of cellular dysfunction. With PEMF you can energize your cells and reduce the risk of the cellular dysfunction. As long as the cells in your body remain healthy, your body will remain healthy. 

As Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University states, “PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) devices do not treat just specific conditions. They optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating function” so they can treat a myriad of issues.

One of the PEMF’s jobs is to release toxins from the cells. Some people have an abundance of toxins and the body is unable to rid itself at the rate they are being dispelled. That said, while there are no harmful effects, PEMF can occasionally cause muscle soreness, lightheadedness, and fatigue. That’s why it is recommended to drink a lot of water prior to doing PEMF therapy and following treatment. This will flush out irritating toxins and help alleviate this issue.

Over time the cells in our bodies begin to lose their energy.  The reduction of your cell’s energy is the root of cellular dysfunction. With PEMF you can energize your cells and reduce the risk of the cellular dysfunction. As long as the cells in your body remain healthy, your body will remain healthy.

PEMF Exercise uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to bathe low energy cells in pure, raw energy. Each cell in your body is actually a capacitor, or battery, which holds a charge. Your entire body is electrical and your cells each need a measurable electrical charge to function optimally. In order to maintain good wellness, cells must be doing their jobs. PEMF Exercise supports the body’s natural abilities to optimize balanced body functions.

Just be well hydrated and ready to heal!

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