Our Story

Nicci, a lifelong professional equestrian and athlete has experienced her share of bumps, bruises and breaks throughout her career, leaving her with chronic pain in her neck, shoulder and knees. Not finding consistent relief while using chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, injections and physical therapy, Nicci chose to try an alternative holistic approach known as cryotherapy. Since she began her first treatment, she was an immediate believer. Cryotherapy has given her the freedom to manage her pain and resume her active life as normal.

Chad has harbored anxiety for many years. He originally thought it was brought on from stress which he had learned to tolerate and work through. 

However, after experiencing just 7 sessions in an infrared sauna, not only did his anxiety go away he also realized several other positive results like radically improved sleep and relief from tension and also heartburn. If asked, he will tell you that infrared therapy has literally changed his life.

With these amazing new life changing results Chad and Nicci were experiencing they could not wait to share with their family and friends this technology. They were both confident that it would make a positive impact on the health of all those who were willing to try. At that moment they decided to establish the Polar Lounge and invite their family, friends and community to experience these services and products designed to elevate health and overall well-being. Their commitment is to deliver life changes in a calming, intelligent, and feel good environment. This modern wellness is not just reserved for athletes and celebrities any longer, The Polar Lounge is offering wellness to everyone.

*Disclaimer: These testimonials reflect real life experiences of those who have used these services and do not reflect the opinions or claims made by The Polar Lounge as a company. These are individual results and are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our services. Your results may vary.

Our mission

We want to assist our community and dedicate ourselves and our staff to empowering humans to live their most fulfilling, adventurous, and purposeful lives.


We believe that recovery by way of the body’s natural systems is one of the most overlooked aspects of performance and health ailments.  All of our services are designed to work synergistically with the body’s natural systems, with the ultimate goal of creating optimal function and performance of the human body. At Polar Lounge, we don’t treat diseases or symptoms; rather, we empower you to restore your health by correcting the source of your problem and help your body heal from the inside.


Get started on your journey to your optimal physical well-being. Come in for your first session today and/or book a private party at The Polar Lounge.

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